The Denver Broncos are America’s most popular football team, says Harris Poll – National News

The Denver Broncos are now number one as far as popularity goes, according to the new Harris Poll.

The Dallas Cowboys are no longer the most popular team in football and have dropped down to No. 4, according to The Harris Poll. The poll asked football fans to list their favorite two NFL teams and when the results came in, the Denver Broncos topped the list, reported ABC News, Oct. 14.

The Broncos were listed as America’s favorite team despite Super Bowl picks from the poll listing the Seattle Seahawks as the predicted winners. According to those polled, the Broncos are still in the running, coming in second are the Seahawks, followed by the San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sports Illustrated wrote that the Broncos have climbed the ladder of favorites quite quickly. It was just three years ago that the team was No. 17. Peyton Manning’s arrival seems to be a part of the reason for the team’s rise in popularity.

This is the first time that the Cowboys have been knocked off of the top spot in the Harris Poll since 2007 and it’s only the second time in a long while (since 2002, to be exact) that the Cowboys have held anything but the top two slots in the poll. Their No. 4 placement that year could seem a fluke, as the two previous years saw the team also placed as No. 1 in the poll.

According to ESPN, The Harris Poll surveyed more than 2,500 adults (of whom 1,275 claimed to follow professional football). The poll took place between Sept. 10-17.

In the poll, the Seahawks, winners of the Super Bowl last year, came in at No. 6. Those that followed the Seahawks in the top ten most popular teams included the Patriots, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints. If the poll alone isn’t enough to attest to the Broncos’ popularity, take it from their sales. According to ESPN, the “Broncos have the NFL’s second-longest home sellout streak — trailing only behind the Washington Redskins,” who came in at No. 14 in this year’s poll. The Broncos have been selling out every single game since the 1970 season.

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