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We’re all on the look out for diets that work! A well-balanced diet will make sure your body remains healthy and fit. However, which kind of diet does one consume when on a weight loss mission? Learn more about the different diet plans from the comprehensive guide specially compiled for you…

Can Turning into a Pescatarian be Beneficial to Your Health?

Benefits of being a pescatarian vary from a healthy heart to assisting in burning fat. Also, the omega-3 acids that we get through a pescatarian diet display anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce joint inflammation.

What to Eat When on a Rastafarian Diet

Vegetables and fruits that are raised without the use of any synthetic chemicals and that do not contain any artificial preservatives can be eaten when on a Rastafarian diet. This Buzzle article elaborates more on the dos and…

Diet to Follow Post Whipple Procedure

Intolerance towards heavy meals is commonly observed in people after undergoing a whipple procedure. The following Buzzle article suggests some dietary changes that may help to improve digestion while recovering this surgery.

Best Diet Apps to Keep You Fit

If you are tired of keeping a tab on your diet in the effort to lose weight, then try some diet apps on your smartphone. From counting calories, to motivating you when you feel the urge to quit the diet, these diet apps are the…

Quick Diets that Work

There are several quick diets that work and help in losing weight and belly fat. Here is a list of some of the best weight loss diets.

Easy Diets that Work Fast

Diets must be flexible and enjoyable, and at the same time, be positively effective. They must not have harmful side-effects. Let us find out about some of the easy diets that are considered to be quite effective.

Easy Diets to Follow

There are many diets aimed at weight loss. Are you confused about choosing the right and easy to follow diet plan? Worry not, this article will guide you on easy to follow yet effective diets…

Simple Diet Recipes

Looking for some simple diet recipes? Look no further, just scroll down.

What Should You Eat after a Workout?

Post workout nutrition is an essential part of the workout process. But what foods should you eat and when? Scroll below to find out.

Diets that Work Fast for Teenage Girls

It is imperative that the diet for teenagers should have the right amount of all the required nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, fiber and healthy fats, as their bodies are still in the growth phase. Read on for…

Easy Diets for Teenage Girls

Easy diets do not entail eating fast foods and those prepackaged foods that take no time to prepare. We have provided you a very simple diet plan here, that is healthy and can be prepared quickly.

Easy to Follow Diets for College Students

Looking for diets that would be healthy for you during your college life? We have provided you some options that would allow you to stay healthy and control weight as well. Read on…

Body Toning Diets

Body toning diets work only when complemented by a thorough and regular exercising routine. Let us find out what you can do, diet wise, to aid the process of acquiring a toned body.

Diet for Ballet Dancers

What forms the diet of ballet dancers? What do they eat that their body has such a perfect shape? We have provided you the diet pattern of ballet dancers in this article. Read on…

What to Eat After a Run

Post-run snacking is crucial for runners of all levels. You need to replace the energy you’ve used during the run and give your body the resources it needs to build muscle and improve endurance. Read this article for ideas about…

World’s Fastest Diet to Lose Weight

The worlds fastest diet to lose weight has been planned keeping in mind all the nutrients essential for your body. Thus, it’s completely safe and a healthy way for losing weight. Read on…

Diets for Women Over 60

Do you know what is the healthy diet for women over 60? If not, then read this article on best diets for women in this age group.

Diets for Women over 50

One’s way of eating should be changed considering one’s age. A few of them have been mentioned in the following Buzzle article.

Diets for Women in their 20s

Healthy diets for women in their 20s are not that different from the general diet advice given to others. Read about them, in this article.

All Fruit Diet

An all fruit diet is a diet plan where a person is restricted to consuming only fruits for a fixed time period. Read on to know more on all fruit diet plans, their requirements and whether or not they are a healthy option if you’re…

Easy Diet Recipes

Almost everyone is facing shortage of time these days. In such stringent situations people don’t have time to cook elaborate menus and follow a difficult diet schedule. This article gives you some easy recipes that you can prepare…

MMA Diet

MMA stands for mixed martial arts. Following the right diet is extremely essential for MMA fighters and athletes. This write-up provides guidelines for MMA diet.

List of Some Good Diets for Women

This article provides a list of some good diets that are available for women, which might prove beneficial to keep them healthy as well as maintain an ideal weight.

What is a Whole Food Diet

What is a whole food diet? Which food to consume in this diet? Are these diet recipes different from regular food recipes? To get the answers for these nutrition-related queries, read on.

Fastest Working Diet

Does the fastest working diet plan really help in quick weight loss? What are the diet plans that work fast? To get your answer on these queries, read on…

Good Diets that Work Fast

This article will give you brief information on some of the most effective weight loss diet plans.

Diets That Work Fast for Men

There are a few diets that work fast for men who are weight-conscious, and prefer to have a healthy body. Read this Buzzle article to find out what these diets are.

What to Eat Before a Workout

Any form of physical exertion without the intake of small amounts of nutrition is inadvisable. The time interval between a pre-workout, a modicum of nutrition, and the kind of nutrition to be eaten are accountable factors.

Runner’s Diet

A runner’s diet is just as important in making him a runner, as much as training is. This article will tell you about the importance of planning a proper diet for a runner.

Components of a Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet, which provides the body with all the essential nutrients, is considered to be the most useful. Read on to know what makes up for a most effective diet.

Is Dieting Bad for You?

Many people resort to dieting to improve their physical appearance. This article dwells on whether dieting is bad for you, and if it harms your body in some way.

Marathon Training Diet

Diet for people wanting to participate in marathon events need to have high carbohydrate foods as they provide plenty of energy. The diet plan is explained below:

Pre Workout Meal

While choosing a pre workout meal, one should check whether it provides the body with the required calories. Fluids need to be given preference for meals because they digest quickly. Here are a few examples of meals to be taken…

Foods with Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is a symptom of several medical conditions, and one of the best ways to counter it is to include foods with anti-inflammatory properties to your diet. This Buzzle write-up provides an overview of an anti-inflammatory…

Whole Foods Diet

The latest diet mantra is, eating food as good old mother nature intended us to eat it. In the world of starchy, salty processed foods, diseases abound. The result is a long journey back to the basics. Here’s a guide to this…

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