Bodybuilding Boston Firefighter Didn’t Commit Fraud, Jury Says

A pumped-up Boston firefighter who competes in fitness competitions did not commit fraud when he claimed he was permanently disabled, according to a jury.

The federal panel cleared Albert Arroyo Monday, two weeks after the fireman entered a not guilty plea to mail fraud, according to CBS Boston.

Arroyo said he hurt his back in a fall at a Boston fire station in spring of 2008. Two months later, he was spotted by someone posing in a bodybuilding contest.

Prosecutors maintained that Arroyo didn’t disclose his bodybuilding hobby on his disability application.

Of course, it’s easy to assume this was just another jury comprised of complete fools, but it could be possible there just wasn’t enough evidence to convict. The people of Boston must be outraged over this verdict, however.

Certainly, if this Boston firefighter had the stamina to get through a fitness competition, at least he should have been placed in a desk job until the department could determine whether he was fit for duty.

“The jury was able to thoughtfully consider all of the evidence,” said the Boston firefighter’s attorney, Timothy Watkins. He said the weightlifting was good for his client’s back issues.

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